RE: Don’t focus too much on the negative in someone else’s work. Don’t make it your CRUSADE. Spend that effort making your own work better. Make your work the COUNTERARGUMENT to the work you don’t like.

— Ronald Wimberly (via leseanthomas)

πŸ’ I love you guys (hope the text makes sense lol) πŸ’˜

thelonelyztoner asked: WHen you first started making digital art did your lines suck really bad? On paper im bettter at sketching than making 1 accurate smooth line and I feel like this shows digitally. I have to use the eraser to take scribbles out of my lines a lot

Yeah when I first started doing anything it sucked really bad,but you learn to make your weaknesses your strength eventually- which in turn can develop into a style .

You’ll notice a lot of my earlier work is line-less which was the result of being unable to create lines I was happy with in Photoshop -I figured out a way i could say what I wanted to say with shapes and color .

I eventually wanted to explore different styles and when it came to line a couple of posts ago I did a sketch after downloading shiyoonkim's brushes and tweaking them a bit , made it way more comfortable to do line art for me. It might just be a matter of finding what feels most comfortable and working at it until you're happy with the outcome .

Hope that helped :)

Post-work unwinding drawing, pretending I make a comic about my friend Mecha who is secretly a badass crme fighter/vigilante (?)

* watches you eat *

* makes grand deductions about your upbringing and character *

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