thelonelyztoner asked: WHen you first started making digital art did your lines suck really bad? On paper im bettter at sketching than making 1 accurate smooth line and I feel like this shows digitally. I have to use the eraser to take scribbles out of my lines a lot

Yeah when I first started doing anything it sucked really bad,but you learn to make your weaknesses your strength eventually- which in turn can develop into a style .

You’ll notice a lot of my earlier work is line-less which was the result of being unable to create lines I was happy with in Photoshop -I figured out a way i could say what I wanted to say with shapes and color .

I eventually wanted to explore different styles and when it came to line a couple of posts ago I did a sketch after downloading shiyoonkim's brushes and tweaking them a bit , made it way more comfortable to do line art for me. It might just be a matter of finding what feels most comfortable and working at it until you're happy with the outcome .

Hope that helped :)

Post-work unwinding drawing, pretending I make a comic about my friend Mecha who is secretly a badass crme fighter/vigilante (?)

* watches you eat *

* makes grand deductions about your upbringing and character *

My very statuesque friend Shelby 💖

💖 ” Don’t be boring ” 💖

✨ The inventor of Happiness ✨

An old idea I had way back in 2012 that I still like. I always feel bad when I think of characters and never use them for anything :’( . They’re my babies they deserve lives haha.

These are based on my friends from highschool Izzie and William from Ghana :D.